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Why Hunting on the Farm is Fun

Why Hunting on the Farm is Fun

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Hunting has been one of the sources of living for those who live in the countryside. It is most of the time regarded as the art or passion for capturing animals for either food purposes or sport. This system has been a practice in the early century to obtain their daily supply of food and later on use wild animals’ material for clothing and accessories.

Hunting in the wild

Hunting animals include deer, fox, stag and the most common are birds. This is a typical scenario in every family members with guns at home. In some areas, hunting hounds are very popular specifically in the Celtic Britain years and decades before the Romans arrived. There are stories that the first attempt to hunt a fox was in East England in the year 1534. It is true that there are several stories where all they have to do was sit on their back and watch animals get close to them and with the use of a trap they would be able to capture the prey. However, it is very dangerous to do such as you never know how wild animals are in the forest and in the deepest darkest part of their world.

Hunting on a farm

While the wild animals are being torn to pieces sold for meat and clothes and accessories, farm animals are also being captured for food, poultry, business and other factors that would help the livelihood of those that are living on the farm. All you have to do though is take out your gun and clearer look that you see like animals. Taking, for example, are the ducks. Ducks produce a special meat and fruitful eggs which are normally used for bread and pastries. The meat can be boiled until it reaches its tenderness and adds a few lemons and condiments. It is typically suggested that ducks’ meat is boiled to its perfection to take out the foul odor from what they have been eating throughout the day. Frogs and farm rats are also part of the hunting activity on the farm. Frogs taste like chicken and with the muscles and bones, people living on the farm may deep fry it with flour and eggs to cover up the actual legs of the frog. On the other hand, there are rats that live on the farm. These rats are pretty much safe for consumption as they eat the same feeds that chickens eat. These rats are not being taken care of but they are existing in farms because of the fact that they eat their kind should they see that they are destroying the farm itself. It is as if the farm has a secure storage but in reality, you would only use your gun protector if you are in search for a good one.

The most enjoyable part of living on the farm is that you get to smell the fresh air and taste any fruit that is homegrown. Let’s take orange and apples as examples of these fruits. Aside from growing your own crop, hunting in the farm could be beneficial as it adds the genuine look of country living. Should there be any wild animals that come across your way, you could easily capture them using your bait and you would most likely have food to eat for dinner. All you have to remember is that you should at all times stay safe and do not forget to study how animals behave in the farm. They may look like they are harmless but they may be thinking of plots on how to take revenge on you.