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Month: November 2018

Farmers Should Do Rowing Exercises

Farmers Should Do Rowing Exercises


There is massive mechanization in modern farms, but that does not take away manual labor. Whenever farmers haul stuff, bale hay, dig trenches, hammer nails and wrestle animals to the ground, they score big in two ways: earning a living from their toil and conditioning their core muscles. Most agricultural work strengthens arms and legs. How can they move from arms and legs to core muscles? Core muscles include back muscles, abdominal muscles and those around the pelvis.

Benefits of strong core muscles. Keep injuries away.
The last thing a farmer needs is an injury. By boosting core muscles, farmers will be less prone to injuries. Most body movements originate from the center going outwards, so when the center is firm, movements will be better coordinated and pain-free. We must understand that weak muscles cause physical stress which invariably causes pain.

No back pains
Strong abdominal muscles support the back keeping away back pains. Weak lower back and pelvic muscles affect the back of the body making it rely more on spinal discs and ligaments for stability. A strain for spinal bones and related ligaments causes back pains. Strong core muscles will not put pressure on the spinal structure hence there will be no back pains.

Upright posture.
Farmers need a healthy, upright posture. Strong core muscles will help you maintain a confident posture while you work. In turn, a vertical position makes the spine healthier, reduces gastrointestinal problems and improves blood circulation.

No belly fat.
Nothing would be more uncomfortable than a farmer with a ton of belly fat trying to bend and pick something (which farmers often do). It will feel awkward and simple tasks might get longer than necessary. Workouts with rowing machines will remove your belly fat making you more efficient and agile. Farm work so quite engaging that nobody would want to be distracted by trips to the doctor for hypertension or diabetes medication. Killing belly fat will make farmers less likely to develop diabetes and all other medical risks associated with belly fat.

Tips for rowing machine workouts.
• Rowing machines are among the most popular exercise machines.Workouts with rowing machines are becoming popular with farmers. These are things that will help with your workout.
• Warm up correctly to avoid injuries.
• Stretch so that you prepare muscles and get in the mood.
• Take fluids before workout sessions to keep you hydrated
• Try to have at least one hour between the last meal and a training session (you do not want to shock your system with sudden exercise.)

What to consider when buying a rowing machine for home use.
Noise level: some machines are quieter than others. Get to know the noise level of your desired machine before purchasing it.
Cost: Do not go for the cheapest; it is always important to balance cost with quality. The most inexpensive rowing machines will disappoint when it comes to features.
Adjustability: You would want a machine that can accommodate extensions and minor seat configurations.
Assembly and storage: It should be easy for you to follow users’ manual and assemble your machine in your living room without any hassle. Probably you are looking for a machine folds easily. Some can be pulled apart easily and can fit in ordinary closets or other household storage areas.

Rowing machine workouts are the way to go for farmers seeking to strengthen core muscles for better handling of farm work.