Want To Be An Entrepreneur? Here Are 10 Profitable Agricultural Business Ideas Today!

Want To Be An Entrepreneur? Here Are 10 Profitable Agricultural Business Ideas Today!

businessOne of the areas that still holds a lot of potential for entrepreneurship yet does not lure a lot of the youth is agriculture. While most people are lured to tech entrepreneurship, agriculture business ideas are something that they miss out on. Not only that, with the fast paced world moving back to the importance of eating right, agriculture also makes for a glamorous area to be in. The competition is not always tough and the investment needed is relatively low. All of this holds even while the revenues and profits are great.

With the advent of organic farming and its growing popularity, the opportunities have increased manifold. Also, starting an agricultural business does not necessarily mean you have to fold up your sleeves get down to day-to-day actual farming. A lot of ideas can be implemented indoors. Here are the top 10 business ideas that can help you get started:

1. Livestock Feed

Farms are an important part of the agricultural sector and every farm has livestock to feed. As more farms are built, to cater to rising demand, the demand for livestock feed will also increase. This makes it a smart market to tap.

2. Production of Spices

These are the expensive components of a plate of food. Spices thus provide good margins. Also, organic and homemade spices are in high demand as people’s trust dies down on adulterated packaged spices that are widely available.

3. Soya Beans Processing

Soya bean makes for a great source of protein in the form of soy products and soya milk which is a great low-fat drink. It is easy to grow and sell and is thus a great product to start with.

4. Exports

If you are serious about the venture, you could look at packaging and export of agricultural produce. International demand for foreign agricultural products is rising as people are more connected than ever and looking for varied experiences.

5. Sun-Drying of Fruits

Sun-Drying may sound like an offbeat venture, but it is profitable nonetheless. Sun drying preserves the nutrients in fruits and vegetables and has demand in various types of industries from packaged soups and stews to bakeries and even snacks.

6. Mushroom Cultivation

Mushroom farming can be the most profitable business among agricultural businesses. They grow fast, in three weeks and have demand as they are used in a variety of cuisines.

7. Flowers & Herbs

Herbs have a great market and relatively low competition. Their uses are widely varied and their farming is not very complicated. It does not need expertise in farming methods. You can grow mushrooms as a part of your gardening.

8. Flour Milling

If you have a little to invest you can go in for building a flour mill at your home. You could easily start milling of grains wheat and corn into flour. A lot of local bakeries and food joints may be interested in the service.

9. Cashew Nut Processing

Cashew nuts are high cost yet in high demand and can yield good profits with simple processing as well as packaging.

10. Juices & Jams

Homemade juices & jams are fast growing in popularity and provide a great opportunity at branding. Your distinct flavors and blends can earn you good money.

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